WebGEN is a module for creating and managing generic web forms based applications. With WebGEN users are supported in creating and modelling web forms via configuration only – through the provided Web UI. Typical applications include for example Pipebook Data, Intelligent Inline Inspections (ILI) Data, Cathodic Protection Data, traffic sign register, tree register, management of real estate, green land register, use planning and much more. 

WebGEN is an independent technical application, which doesn’t require any pre-installed web applications as basis, but can be integrated in any web application, for example to display maps. The user management and the placing of user rights are also independent from other web applications.

WebGEN consists of a web administration interface (the WebGEN manager) and a HTML client, via which the data of the application can be managed. In the administration interface the attributes can for example be created, changed or deleted and in the HTML client these attributes are then filled with datasets.

Web GEN is a web based forms generator developed by BARAL Geohaus-Consult AG based in Germany.


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