• Public

     ✓ Municipalities  ✓ Authorities ✓ Government

  • Pipeline Projects

    Pipeline Information Management System(PIMS)

    Full life-cycle support throughout the phases:

     ✓ Design  ✓Construction ✓ Operation




  • Infrastructure

     ✓ Railroad  ✓ Road ✓ Etc

  • Utilities

     ✓ Gas ✓ Water ✓ Sewage ✓ Electricity ✓ Public Lighting ✓ Telecom




  • Environment

     ✓ Forestry  ✓ Agriculture ✓ Hazards  ✓ etc.




  • Oil & Gas

    We provide Enterprise GIS solutions to the Oil & Gas industry covering upstream, midstream and downstream.

  • WebOffice

    Desktop GIS functionality in every web browser

  • CartoPac

    Mobile Field Data Collection with high precision GPS

    GIS Solutions for the Field and Office

    ONG-IT is a solution provider for integrated GIS and data management systems. It customizes, sells, implements and supports GIS software for running, managing and optimizing a wide range of private and public sector organizations across the globe.

    We deliver a full spectrum of GIS software, consulting and services focused on Europe, Middle East and Africa ranging from governmental organizations to Fortune 500 enterprises.

    Why ONG-IT

    Our definitive goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so you feel comfortable and secure.

    Partner- and Memberships

    Mobile Field Data Collection & Asset Management

    CartoPac Field Solutions is a leading provider of advanced off-line field data collection solutions that integrate with a wide range of technologies including GPS, laser, cameras, etc. increasing field to office workflow efficiency.  

    ProOffice is a process oriented software solution for your operating cycles regarding infrastructure of all kind!

    WEB GIS Solutions

    SynerGIS WebOffice is built upon ESRI ArcGIS Server technology and brings the power of the desktop onto the Web.

    Web GEN is a complimentary technology to create web forms by configuraton. Such web forms are supporting office workflows and enables clients to easily create database front-ends within the web browser. Web GEN is fully compatible with WebOffice.