Customer-Oriented Approach

Our definitive goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so you feel comfortable and secure. Our project managers and developers act as extensions of your existing organization instead of outsiders to seamlessly blend into your processes while bringing tangible cost savings. Moreover, we focus on long term partnerships with our clients. This allows accumulating exclusive knowledge of the client’s business which helps deliver the highest quality services with lower investments.

Best Practices

Our experience over the years of developing & delivering GIS projects allowed us to acquire expertise in scalable software development which in its turn gives you an extremely reliable end product and predictable high quality. We turn our diverse experience and information into an invaluable knowledge shared within the teams and dedicated Centers of Excellence. Because of the mentoring approach to knowledge transfer we are able to speed up the on-boarding of newcomers and new project team members.

Stable Qualified Teams

Thanks to our HR top-grading, corporate training centers, collaboration with the top technical universities, and a compelling benefits package, we’re able to nurture, attract and retain the best GIS talent. Our team consists of professionals that each has from 3 to 25 years of experience in real software projects, including GIS. We have a very low personnel turnover rate that allows us to prevent information leakage, keep the teams stable and teamwork effective.

Convenient Locations

We have our global headquarters in Austria, as well as representative offices in Europe, Americas, and Middle East. Our main development location is in Vienna. Because of our convenient location, we can easily send people to work with your in-house teams on site. This accelerates your project and enhances cooperation.

Comprehensive Solution

Our GIS Solutions from SynerGis, which is called WebOffice is built upon ESRI ArcGIS Server technology and brings the power of the desktop onto the Web. At the same time, WebOffice User interfaces are as easy to use as web-clients need to be. Strong support for open standards and system integration are specific WebOffice characteristics which aim at ‘getting the best out of it’ and ‘adding value’ from the customer point of view. Administrators will find role based access control, real multi-lingual application support and powerful authoring tools in WebOffice.

Available modules provide a comprehensive set of functionalities


Our definitive goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so you feel comfortable and secure.

Partner- and Memberships